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Brand Practice
In the following, the key points of trademark practice are presented analogously. The explanations are based on the Guidelines for Trademark Questions of the IGE in Bern.

For specific questions, specialized trademark attorneys should be consulted. We will be happy to clarify your concerns in cooperation with the trademark attorneys associated with us.

Types of trademarks
Origin of trademark protection
Scope of trademark protection
Function of the trademark
Content of the trademark
Opposition procedure
Duration and expiry of trademark protection

Trademark types

Trademarks are legally special signs that distinguish the goods/services of one company from those of other companies. Trademark rights are intellectual property, so-called intangible monopoly rights and thus alienable (e.g. sale; licensing). The legislator primarily distinguishes between three types of trademarks:

Word marks
Include all words in common upper and/ or lower case as well as common script and keyboard characters (e.g.!, @ etc.). The name development exclusively concerns this type of trademark.

Combined trademarks:
Words in non-standard script or combined with a graphic.

Figurative marks:
Figurative marks consist of a graphic alone.

BGE : Bundesgerichtsentscheid
Kl.: Waren- und Dienstleistungsklasse
BVGer: Bundesverwaltungsgericht
MschG : Markenschutzgesetz
IR: Internationale Registrierung