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Name systems
The development of naming systems is and scope, as the initial situation varies greatly in each case. situation varies strongly in each case.

Brand and company names
in contrast, the development of product and company names product and company names, the following 6 phases have proven to be successful. Usually, we assume the following time frames and processes:
 - around 6 days for express_developments
 - from 16 days for standard developments
phase 1 Projektbriefing and clarification of:
concept, USP, vision and mission
brand architecture
Target group(s) & market environment
phase 2 Strategic development::
narrowing down the search fields
determination of content search method.
development of first pilot names
phase 3 Creative development, 1st round:
application of creative techniques
systematic name development *1
thematic research; clarifications
phase 4 Consultation with the client:
- -
presentation of 4-7 potential names
evaluation by the client

processing of the feedback
phase 5 Creative development, 2nd round *2:
presentation of further developed names
customer evaluation & discussion

fine development & determination of favorites &
phase 6 Availability searches in selected registers and, if necessary, trademark application, both in consultation with you and accompanied by Corporate Naming
customer involvement underlined

*1 first step of phase 3 can be conducted as a 2h-workshop at customer site with 3-5 participants

*2 field tests to evaluate the acceptance of different names at the customer's request.