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Frequently asked questions related to naming projects:

1. what should a good name do?
A good name should reflect the unique style of the company or offering, differentiate the product from competing products, be elastic for future developments, and also be applicable in international markets. As simple as these specifications seem, they are often challenging to fulfill.

2. how do we apply strategic guidance to the naming process?
The implementation of strategic specifications is the core competence of us: a name is only a good name if it takes into account and implements the longer-term strategic orientation of the client. At Corporate Naming, the creative process and strategic conception therefore go hand in hand, because we can draw on many years of branding experience. The names we develop in this way work emotionally and rationally, support the brand in its radiance, and fit in perfectly with the overall tonality of a company.

3. can our customers be involved in the name development process?
Our customers can be involved in the name development process to the extent desired. Experience shows that this participation is useful in phase 3, step 1 (see menu 'Phase Plan'). Through this collaboration, we can further deepen our understanding of the context and competitive environment. In Phase 1, the kick-off, we work with our clients to develop the individual 'naming parameters' that reveal which attributes the sought-after name should primarily communicate. Key metaphors, target audience(s), linguistic and legal obstacles, etc. are clarified.

4. what is name architecture?
Name architecture organizes all of a company's offerings among themselves and provides rules and recommendations for how future projects or offerings will be named. Although often quite complicated, name architecture helps a company to consistently pursue its overall goals by means of names and to develop clear structures that are comprehensible to consumers and provide them with orientation.
5. are there different types of names?
Simply speaking, names can be divided into 3 categories: there are 1.) descriptive names, 2.) suggestive names, and 3.) Fanciful names. Within this spectrum, names can be modified or composed of one or more words (more on techniques in the submenu 'Glossary'). We consider in principle the development of all name categories and clarifies in the course of the project the greatest potentials, so that our customer receives the most appropriate and sustainable name for his specific project.

6. what are typical timeframes for naming projects?

These are highly dependent on the client, the project scope, its needs and the internal consultation process. On average, a name development takes between 2-7 weeks, including the preliminary analysis of the name's protectability. Whenever possible, we try to streamline the process because name development projects are often time-sensitive. We ask our clients to note that the final research on the availability of a name by the trademark attorney takes another 1-2 weeks. For international clarifications, the time required may be longer.

7. how much do professional naming services cost?
Naming projects vary considerably, depending on the complexity of the task and the class of goods involved. Experience has shown that most projects can be completed within a budget range of between CHF 8 and approx. 13,000. Developments of naming systems can be more complex and costly. We will be happy to discuss your specific project with you when you contact us and submit a binding offer with a fixed cost ceiling.