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Our enthusiasm for names
Names are our world: we develop names for products and companies professionally and
with passion. Only names because we consider ourselves specialists. We use intuition and methodology to come up with the very best
names that are meaningful today and create the space for the future development of the brand.
Good names are:
A good name has body, rhythm and sound. It paints strong associative pictures in people's minds, more concisely than a thousand words, and is able to create imagination. On the other hand, a good name must also be precisely tailored to the field of application and advantageously re-
inforce the perception of the offer. A good name is:

Brand names must be as concise and unique as the thing to be identified itself. Many years of experience, our knowledge and the systematic nature of our research activities put us in an optimal position to develop concise, appropriate names; each time anew. each time anew.

Names are complex entities. We rely on our exter-
nal network of native speakers and lawyers to ensure that even the most difficult naming projects are completed on time. We also research the availability of Internet domains as a matter of course, because without them even the best name is worthless today.

Name developments are often time-critical projects. That is why we subject name creations to initial preliminary checks during the creation phase, so that they are linguistically flawless and can then also be protected internationally in the form of registered trademarks. internationally in the form of registered trademarks.