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Branding background
CorporateNaming was born out of the need to professionally develop names against a strategic branding background. Alex Strub looks back on many years of successful consulting work in a leading CI/CD agency in Zurich.

He was responsible for international key accounts and customers clients in a wide range of industries with name-finding, corporate design and branding projects and therefore knows the areas of tension in dealing with brands and names from the inside out.
'Strategic Naming'
A linguist may create beautiful names; a branding expert may clarify the brand strategy of a company; but rarely do they cross-fertilize. We combine both competences and make them the core of 'strategic naming'.

Every new brand name represents a promise with a specific tonality that raises expectations and radiates to the umbrella brand. Therefore, names must follow the internal order and style of the house, which requires precise knowledge of the brand mechanisms at work.

With this know-how, we provide our clients with the certainty that names developed by us will successfully implement strategic objectives. A brief overview of our many years of project experience:

Solution strategies for successful brand names

Excerpt client list: