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We come into play when our clients' internal naming efforts are unsuccessful.

Then we professionally develop commercially viable names with strategic impact.
Since 2007. Only naming and nothing else; for:
Products and Services: the creation of product names is the classic domain of naming. As the sender of every communication names created by us trigger exact expectations with regard to the regarding the advantages of an offer (USP).
Firm: reporting reduces companies to their name, which is supposed to evoke positive associations. Our professional naming strategy clarifies the central aspects that the name should convey.
This requires intuition and an understanding of companies and industries; after all, the name should fit for decades.
Name families and nomenclatures; category, industry, product descriptors in case of multiple names under one roof, a naming system becomes necessary. In order to strengthen the aspirations of a brand strategy, the internal order of the various names is clarified. After analyzing the mar- ket portfolio, we establish binding rules.
Included services::

All names developed by us are checked for domain name availability.
Name consulting
Phonetic optimizations, linguistic analyses, uniqueness analyses and checks; 2nd opinions

Meaning research
Research on linguistic and cultural obstacles (e.g. cultural obstacles (e.g. conflicting meanings worldwide). meanings worldwide)

Legal review
We are supported by renowned trademark attorneys from Weinmann & Zimmerli AG in checking the legal availability/ enforceability.