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Classes of Goods

According to the Nice Classification, trademarks are protected in connection with selected classes of goods and services. A name must be distinctive only in the class or the field of application concerned.

In order to assess conflict potentials competently, an experienced lawyer is required, whose assessment is based on previous case law. Therefore, we cooperate with the renowned Zurich law firm Weinmann Zimmerli AG.

Classification of goods......1 - 10
Classification of goods... 11 - 20
Classification of goods... 21 - 30
Classification of goods... 31 - 34
Classification of services 35 - 45
Class 35
Advertising; business management; company administration; office work.

Class 36
Insurance; finance; monetary transactions; real estate.

Class 37
Construction; repair services; plumbing.

Class 38

Class 39
Transportation; packing and storage of goods; organization of trips.

Class 40
Material processing.

Class 41
Education; training; entertainment; sports and cultural activities.
Klasse 42
Scientific and technological services and research and related design services; industrial analysis and research services; computer hardware and software design and development.

Klasse 43
Food service; lodging.

Klasse 44
Services of a physician; services of a veterinarian; health and beauty care for people and animals; services in the field of agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Klasse 45
Legal services; security services for the protection of property and individuals; personal and social services provided by third parties to satisfy personal needs.